Health and Safety Manager

The Health and Safety Manager helps to oversee medical life at Camp.



Summer Manager

The Summer Manager oversees daily life at Camp to help foster a safe, inclusive and fun  environment for everyone.


Cabin Leaders

We hire 4 Cabin Leaders each summer, 2 male and 2 female. Their primary role is to supervise and guide participants throughout the week. Cabin Leaders live and sleep in the cabins and is the position with the most camper interaction


Program Specialists

Each summer we hire 5-7 Program Specialists to lead specific program activity areas and collaborate on full campus events. Experience in a variety of areas is required to fill these positions including, art, waterfront, teambuilding, photography & film, sports and rec and adventure course leadership.


Office Assistant

The Office Assistant performs general office duties during the day and in the evening joins the Program Staff to assist with all-campus activities.