Mar 9, 2015

Camp is Recognized at the Montana Legislature!

Camp Mak-A-Dream was honored on Friday, March 6th at the Montana Legislature!  Six members of the legislature, from both the House and the Senate, signed a joint proclamation in honor of Camp's 20th Anniversary!  A big "thank you" to Debby Barrett (President of the Senate), Austin Knudsen (Speaker of the House), Matthew Rosendale (Senate Majority Leader), Keith Regier (House Majority Leader), Jon Sesso (Senate Minority Leader) and Chuck Hunter (House Minotiry Leader) for sponsoring the proclamation!  And a special "thank you" to Chuck Mazurek, Tom and Wendy Downey, Colleen and John Powers, Tom Reilly,  Bill and Vicky Gruber, Roy Whitehouse and Steve and Laura Marks, just to name a few, who put the bug in everyone's ears!  :)  We appreciate all of you so very much!