Medical staff is available at each of our adult retreats and are available on arrival day to meet with participants as needed. One to two registered nurses attend each program and at least one physician is on-site or on-call throughout the retreat. Our on-site health center is a stand out facility where we administer cancer treatments and can isolate patients if medically necessary. Some participants will have been out of treatment for years, others are just beginning. We encourage those in the midst of treatment to attend. Our medical team is able to administer advanced treatment such as oral chemo therapy, IV antibiotics and blood tests. The medical team is also able to initiate septic workup and obtain lost, forgotten, or unanticipated medication 24 hours per day. Our health center has three private rooms which allow for close monitoring 24 hours per day. One room is equipped for protective isolation and negative flow. Camp is a 20 minute drive to the community hospital and a one hour drive to a major medical center. For emergencies, we have a helicopter pad for urgent medical evacuation. Although medical supervision is available, participants at our adult retreats are expected to be function independently.