Camp Mak-A-Dream Siblings


Sibs Camp is a unique experience for children and teenagers ages 6-17 that have or have lost a sibling or parent with cancer. We believe young people dealing with the diagnosis (or loss) of a loved one with cancer need a chance to meet other individuals their own age who understand what they are going through and, for a time, be the center of attention. We offer two Sibs sessions, one for younger (ages 6-13) and another (ages 13-18) for older campers.

The things that make Sibs Camp an escape from cancer are the things that make it much like any other camp. We begin with the usual summer camp diversions. Campers get a chance to challenge themselves on the climbing wall or zip line, try a new craft in the art studio or go horseback riding. There are opportunities to connect with the outdoors and new friends around a campfire or fishing. To this we add shared experiences around cancer. During Cabin Chat for example participants have a chance to discuss how it feels to be the only kid in school to have or have lost a sibling or parent with cancer. Through these discussions campers not only get to share their emotions, they learn that other kids, their own age, have faced and come through the same challenges.

Sibs Camp is designed to give kids and teens a week of normalcy; a chance to make new friends, try new things and just be themselves.