Camp Mak-A-Dream Teen Heads Up Conference


The Teen Heads Up Conference is a unique experience for teenagers ages 13-18 who have been diagnosed with a brain tumor and are dealing with long-term effects of both their disease and its treatment. Being a teenager has plenty of challenges as it is; trying to find your way in the world through growth spurts and hormones and first dates and cliques and awkwardness. Now, add a brain tumor.

To help teen brain tumor survivors address these unique challenges  Teen HUC offers a combination of the usual camp fun like swimming, archery, dances, horseback riding and high ropes with educational workshops that address specific issues faced by brain tumor survivors. Participants tackle issues head on; education and employment challenges, stunted growth, mood swings, bullying, relationships and deaths of friends with cancer. This conference focuses on developing social skills and giving participants the opportunity to connect with other survivors that may be experiencing similar experiences.

Most important, campers stay connected with one another. They share photos on Facebook, text about treatments, issues and life in general. They leave Camp with a network of friends who understand, provide support and steel their courage long after they’ve returned home; a network of friends uniquely like themselves.