Staff Supervision


Our first priority at Camp Mak-A-Dream is safety. We have many rules and procedures in place to ensure that participants are safe and comfortable during their stay. Our campus is closed to unauthorized visitors as well as being tobacco and alcohol free.

During the summer season, in addition to the foundation staff charged with overseeing the program, we hire up to 15 seasonal staff and up to 100 volunteers to assist us in running Camp. All prospective staff, both full summer and weekly, participates in an extensive application, interview and training process. Our summer staff spends several days training on campus prior to the first session learning about all aspects of Camp; from its history and mission to emergency procedures. Some summer positions require certification or special training (lifeguard and adventure course), all require CPR certification.

Summer staff assists in the training of weekly volunteers and act as a resource and guide throughout the week. Volunteers assist in all areas of Camp, in the cabins, health center and kitchen. To ensure that each participant has a safe, fun and enriching experience, each cabin during the Young Adult Conference will have 1-3 concierges sleeping in a separate room in the cabin. The role of the concierge is to guide and assist participants as needed. Some young adults may need more one-on-one supervision. If we have a clear idea of those specific needs before the participant reaches Camp, we can better prepare for appropriate staff assistance. Our goal is to give staff what they need to help us achieve our mission; to give participants the best week of their lives.