Gifts listed below received from individuals and estates

Camp Benefactors (lifetime gifts of $25,000+)

Harry and Sylvia Granader - Founders

Jeffrey and Patricia Aresty

Charles and Margaret Burback

Ralph and Martha Burchenal 

Matthew J. Clark

Dave and Paulette Fisher

James and Beverly Frohlich

Gary and Vicki Gallagher

Alan Granader

Danny Granader

Anne Hildebrand

Stuart Kaplan

Sally Francis and Alex Kehayes

Nicolas and Louella Martin

Pete and Rene Nazelrod

Annual Gifts (2014)

Dream Believers (annual gift of $10,000+)

Bob and Jane Becker

Pete and Rene Nazelrod


Circle of Dreams (annual gift of $5,000-$10,000)

Tom and Christine McCall

Bill and Mary Underriner


Estate & Trust Gifts (gifts of $25,000+)

Estate of Junies Chase

Estate of Emma and Daniel Dolph

Michael 'Durff' Durffman Memorial Fund

Estate of Pauline G. Imel

Estate of Ellen H. Johnson

Estate of Burton G. Kinyon

Estate of Jack R. Maschke

Estate of Nina A. Niccum

Estate of Esta Owen

Estate of Kathryn Spain

Estate of Alice W. Trego

Estate of Anne Wall